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Bourne Primary School

Bourne Primary School

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Year 3

Half Term

Happy half term to you and your family! Join Miss Filson for a delightfully funny story by clicking here.

Weekly assemblies to reflect on at home can be found here!


CLICK HERE to access Year 3's HOME LEARNING area.

 Password: Bornman


Stories with Miss Filson

Join Miss Filson for some information on something called an Ecobrick here.

This story with Miss Filson is a Julia Donaldson favourite. Find it here.

This story from Miss Filson is a bit longer than the ones she has done previously. Feel free to spread it out over a few days.

Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown

Find chapters 1-3 here 

Find chapter 4 here

Find chapter 5 here

Join Miss Filson for The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Story Time with Miss Filson

Come and enjoy a story by clicking the link below.

Story Time with Miss Filson