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Year 4


Year 4a Curriculum letter

Year 4b Curriculum letter


Year 4 – Spring Term


In year 4 we will be learning through the topic of ‘volcanoes and earthquakes’ and ‘The Digestive System’. The first half of the term will have a geography focus, looking at volcanoes – how they are formed, different types of volcanoes and learning more about how they shape the world around us. The second half of the term will have a science focus – looking at how the digestive system functions, the different parts of the system and why it is so important.


In Maths we will continue to work through the National Curriculum focusing on formal methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and then applying these skills to real-life situations and to solve problems.  We will also be looking at equivalent fractions, angles and converting between units of measure.


Our English lessons, often through our topic of ‘volcanoes’, will help children to develop their writing style through focusing on building a richer vocabulary and making use of a variety of writing features over a number of genres and text types. These include explanation texts, poetry and adventure stories (based on escaping from Pompeii).  Later in the term we will have a big focus on using dialogue in our writing and all the skills required to use speech accurately.


PE will be taught on Mondays (swimming) and on Tuesday afternoons.  Please continue to ensure that PE kits are in school (and labelled appropriately) on those days and that the full and correct swimming kit is brought to school every Monday.


Homework will continue to be set before the weekend (Thursdays) and is due back on Tuesdays. Homework includes learning spelling words, a maths and English activity that relates to the learning that week and a handwriting exercise.


If you have any questions and/or concerns, please do feel free to speak to me, either make an appointment with the school office or speak to me before or after the school day.