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Music Curriculum

The Bourne music curriculum is based upon three key areas of music:

Performing - singing and playing

Composing - including arrangements and music technology

Appraising - Listening and evaluating music

The children are introduced to and study a wide variety of music from classical to popular music and from a wide variety of cultures.

They sing and play on a variety of musical instruments, starting with tuned and untuned percussion leading onto Ukuleles and keyboards. In previous years we also included the Wind Band program in Year 5, where children learn to play brass and Woodwind instruments as part of a large ensemble. However, due to present circumstances, Year 5 are learning Ukulele instead. 

The children compose their own music from rhythmic patterns, melodic ostinati, short pieces to songs using classroom instruments and music technology.

They listen to a wide variety of music to support their learning.

 Here are the Milestones:

Years 1 and 2

 Years 3 and 4

 Years 5 and 6