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Bourne Primary School

Bourne Primary School

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Year 2

Welcome to our online platform. Here you will find some activities and tasks to complete each day. We will aim to update the tasks weekly in order to keep you occupied. We will not be collecting any of your tasks back in but if you happen to create something that you would like to showcase when school is open then please do. 

Week Beginning: 23.03.20


  • Read for at least 20 minutes each day, either by yourself or out loud to an adult. 

Register with Oxford Owl to access their bank of device friendly e-books.Oxford Owl







Have a go at the following activities

  • Tongue Twisters- How fast can you say the following phrases?

Red lorry, yellow lorry

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers

Freshly fried flying fish

Black bug's blood

Greek grapes, Greek grapes, Greek grapes

Crisp crusts crackle and crunch

Which of these is the easiest to say three times?

Which one is the trickiest?

Do the people in your house agree?

  • Cosmic Kids Yoga- Get some exercise in by following a video from the link below.Cosmic Kids Yoga